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Review Absolutely Anything (2015): Not Monty Python brilliant but still made me laugh a lot!

genre: comedy, fantasy, science fiction

Once I read who was involved with this project I got real excited. I mean Simon Pegg, the Monty Python crew, Robin Williams, Eddie Izzard and so many more in one film surely must deliver.

That they do but not entirely in the way I was expecting. From Terry Jones and co I was expecting things to be more absurd and clever. While there are some brilliant moments the whole film does seem to be a little underwhelming. It does make you laugh. Only they never make good on the potential of the concept. Simon Pegg is Neil Clarke who randomly is chosen by a bunch of aliens to prove himself without him realizing. He is awarded magical powers that basically allows him to do everything he want. He just has to wish for it and wave his hand. But like most people he does not think his wishes through and stirs up things in London a little bit which provides many funny scenes. There were many moments that could have gone further then where they were left off. It is like they held back or were forced to held back not to go over the top too much. And that simply kills what could have been truly great. 

Now don't worry though for what is present it still is very enjoyable. Dennis the Dog voiced by Robin Williams was funny and endearing. Kate Beckinsale was looking extra fine in this film but I didn't particularly like how she portrayed her character. She was very rash and judgmental. Dennis the Dog called her the bitch and while he was using his doggy terminology the audience will concur she is just that. Some jokes while simple are effective enough. 

This could have been a return to form from the people who brought us Life of Brian and more Monty Python goodness. However I take what I can get and this was very entertaining even if it is a little forgettable. 

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