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Review Tomorrowland a.k.a. Project T (2015): Light and hope versus Darkness and despair. Dare to dream and remain hopeful people!

genre: action, adventure, science fiction

To think I had been holding off watching this film since not many people were happy with it. And then to be pleasantly surprised of how much I enjoyed it from start to finish. Why are people so against this movie?

For one thing, Tomorrowland  isn't dark, gloomy and super serious. It has it's moments of seriousness but I thought those moments were well chosen. Maybe another reason why some people did not fall for this movie since it's plot wasn't that surprising and incredibly predictable. But you know what, I loved that while the plot was simplistic of nature I still got thrilled and excited by the events. Things move along quite fast only a few times (once or twice) did it seem to lose a little steam. Once I got caught up in the adventure it never let go of me. I loved how the film actually had a positive message to tell. Maybe they overdid it a little too much still these days it is kind off required since apparently people need to be convinced. I honestly struggle to find a reason for people absolutely not liking this film. Other than the fact that perhaps this film is more aimed at people who can easily escape into these films and let go of conventions. I thought that some scenes were incredibly hilarious and were laughing most of the time. (It could also be that I found it refreshing to see a fun film after all the dark and gloom in films Black Mass and Un proph├Ęte).

Tomorrowland is filled with action and spectacle. I honestly was not expecting this. I was dreading some dark and apocalyptic tale where they had to choose a select few being admitted to this new Utopian world. Fortunately for me it was nothing like that. And I very happily agree with the positive message. One should always be hopeful. Without hope there is no point in living. So yes, dream on people and let us keep the hope alive.

The acting is top notch. I usually am not a fan of kid or teen actors but I thought Britt Robertson as Casey and Raffey Cassidy as Athena were brilliant. Especially the latter makes on hell of an impression. The dynamics between her and the other cast members were very fun to watch. George Clooney let these kids shine but he was as much as involved into this project as they were. Actually it was nice to see him as as an old and grumpy inventor. 

I truly enjoyed this film a lot. It was a blast for me. And if you haven't watched it yet and you are held back like I was because of the bad reviews then do give this film the benefit of the doubt since it might surprise you. 

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