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Review Elektra Director's Cut (2005): Evaporating Ninja's and Tattoos that come to life. No, this is not Naruto, if only!

genre: comic book adaptation, super hero, action, fantasy

You know how sometimes you like a film very much for some reason and then re-watch it only to discover how bad it actually is. Well, Elektra is one of those movies. In fact, it goes beyond bad. What was going through my mind that day? What state was I in? I honestly can't remember. But if I have to guess, it must have been on my many late night viewings where I was just about to fall asleep and could not resist the film's evil magic.

Elektra is a mess from start to finish, and it really makes you wonder why anybody attached to the project think it would be a good idea. In the first place, how can you take a world serious where someone is able to revive the dead. Remember Elektra dying in Daredevil? Apparently someone thought she was worth it to come back. If you ask me, that is very debatable. Because what does she do with her new-found life? What would you do if you got a second chance? I would live life to the fullest and do as much good as possible and be grateful for every breath I take. 

What does Elektra do? She becomes an assassin. How very productive and enlightened of her. It doesn't seem she is enjoying herself in doing so, and for the most part she is sulking and brooding. Such a waste. Then again, this is a comic book adaptation and Stick the one who revived Elektra has the ability to drain life energy from another person. In that context, it would make sense for him to be able to give someone that life energy. And it is something I could live with if not for one scene at the end which I won't spoil but is one that defies comic book lore and the rules set up by this film and Daredevil.  

So very quickly into this film it becomes apparent that you have to accept that some people in this film have superpowers and abilities which makes sense, this being an adaptation of Marvel Comics and all. Still, even then this film fails to deliver on good action and spectacle. I mean, ninja's that evaporate by just being stabbed once are very boring ninja's. Maybe Ninja Gaiden 2 has spoiled me too much, in which you had ninja's that kept coming at you even when their limbs were chopped off. I love wacky ninja's and the films featuring wacky ninjas where they have all kinds of powers and such. But then please do make it interesting. And come up with something better than letting them evaporate after. What on earth is the explanation for that? No one in the whole damn film addresses this. One of the villains has the ability to make the tattoos on his body come to life and use them as he sees fit. Sounds cool right? And yes it is to an extent. Only beyond the obvious, nothing really remarkable or creative is done with this. Most of the fights between Elektra and the villains are over before you know it, and there is very little to enjoy. One would expect some wonderfully choreographed martial arts action instead of what we get served. Bland and boring fight scenes.

I do have to admit that the first time I saw this film I still liked Jennifer Garner mostly because of Alias. Currently, I dislike her very much. There is something about the way she carries herself on and off-screen that I simply find unappealing. Although, I do think I am still very capable of being objective towards her acting. But that is just it. There is almost no acting in Elektra. It's a bunch of people spouting boring and meaningless dialogues which should have been cut from the film. She brings nothing to the table that makes it interesting or exciting. I did read that she was contractually obligated to do Elektra and that it was implied that she did not want to do this flick. Still, if you have to, why not then bring your best so that at least people could not point the finger at you for failing. Besides, if there ever was a moment to show and convince people you could act, it was this one. It's make belief, remember? Pretend that you are this kick ass female ninja and go full out. 

I have already wasted too many words on this review. Overall Elektra Director's Cut is a giant waste of your time. There is not one single moment of fun to be had. So avoid!

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