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Review Dark Places (2015): Exploring the darker nature of humans although it takes time to get that point!

genre: mystery, thriller, drama

From the author of Gone Girl comes another tale where we explore the darker nature of humans. 

I have not read the book and I am sure if I had I would be far more critical. Although in this case it had helped me to stay objective and judge this film on it's own merits. Of course I can see that a lot of important details concerning the characters are left out. And I do think that Dark Places took it's sweet time to reach it's conclusion. Some scenes are too drawn out where I rather would have seen that more focus would have been paid on for example the main character Libby Day. We just know what we are told but never ever actually get to see what she has done with her life. I would have liked to seen that. As a character she was interesting enough but that was more because of the intensity Charlize Theron gave her. Other than she was flat and quite the mystery herself. Same goes for all the pivotal characters. We do get introduced to some people but very rarely would you expect all of them. You could see the red herrings coming. As a fan of the thriller genre I have seen many that were creative and inventive and managed to be one step ahead of you all the time. Here that occurs due to an ending that is pretty far fetched in one way and one I think that is very unlikely. It literally comes out of nowhere and while despicable for sure it seemed implausible. Although I was willing to buy it since the way the story was told brought enough for me to never get bored. 

Now I have to mention Christina Hendricks. I did not even recognize here because truthfully I never followed Mad Men. So I am a bit oblivious of her acting skill. Of course I know about her physical attributes. They are kinda hard to escape from. But my god I was amazed to see how good she was in this. She certainly was the highlight of the film and I hope that she will get to show more of her incredible acting.

While suspenseful throughout the pace is rather slow but never to a point that I got bored. The reveals were decent and surprising enough but never of the Earth shattering caliber one. Still if you love the genre you simply can't pass this up.  

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