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Review Big Bullet a.k.a.Emergency Unit: Angry Fire Street Corner a.k.a. Chung fung dui liu feng gaai tau (1996): Good action!

genre: bullet ballet, action, crime

The first time when I saw Big Bullet was around 1997 or so and it surprised me completely since I do remember not expecting a lot from it. But this was easily one of the best Hong Kong action movies that had come out that period.

For me this is one of those titles where I did not really care about the story too much and went for the action alone. And on this it delivers well. So well in fact that I felt that this title belonged to the Heroic Bloodshed genre. Technically it doesn't. However a lot of Gun fu is featured in excellent choreographed sequences that certainly will appeal to the fans. That being sad though you do get to like the main characters which helps a lot. Same can be said about the villains. They are magnificently portrayed and especially Anthony Wong is ruthless. The premise is unoriginal but solid enough to bring you from event to event. And it compels in parts due to the sympathy we have towards main character Sergeant Bill Chu (played by Sean Lau). Big Bullet still holds up today and is a good example of how superior Hong Kong was with their action films (especially) made in the Eighties and the Nineties. 

Big Bullet surely is a title I can recommend especially if you are craving for bullet ballet action sequences only the ending feels a little rushed and illogical but never to a degree that it hurts the overall viewing experience. 

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