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Review Battle of the Year (2013): Feel good dance film that features Sawyer and Black Canary!

genre: music, drama

Movies about music and dancing in my eyes can't be judged like conventional films. Because the target audience rarely watch them for their story. But more for the songs and the moves. Yet Battle of the Year gets treated like it's a Shakespeare play gone awry. 

Of course this is totally unfair especially since Battle of the Year has a different approach from similar dance films like Step Up. It's treated as a feel good sports movie. And it works. Especially because of Josh Holloway giving the story some weight. Who cares if this has been done to death? There are only so many ways you can tell a feel good story. They are basic as they come and very universal. Who doesn't love the underdog getting on top? Exactly! Does it really matter then that you can almost predict how this story goes? No, ladies and gentlemen it does not. Battle of the Year takes you on a little journey and makes you feel good at the end. And next to this you also get to view some amazing dance moves. You can tell that most of the people involved in this production actually can dance. They delivered their lines as best as they could. It never bothered me that some of them weren't particular good actors. Because again people, I don't watch these kinds of movies for the plot or acting. 

If you like the genre then you certainly will love this film. I think it belongs into the top category of dance films as it is one of the few that actually tries to be more than just a dance movie. But of course all of that is of no importance if it is not backed up by some spectacular dancing.  And Battle of the Year is full of that. It also features Caity Lotz who most people will know from her role as Black Canary in Arrow ( I was not aware she was a dancer and practitioner of Parkour, see video of her underneath). So give it a shot.

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