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Review Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014): A mind blowing viewing experience!

genre: action, adventure, espionage,

Let there be no doubt about this one, this is among the best films Matthew Vaughn has ever made. Everything in this film works. The action is spectacular, there is an enormous amount of humour combined with real good drama and characterization. Kingsman very obviously is a parody on the good old school James Bond movies. It makes fun of them but at the same time pays tribute to them. And this film really got me in the mood to watch them or movies with the same vibe. Maybe Matthew Vaughn like me and other fans misses those spectacular and over the top espionage flicks where things happen that seem impossible but are so much fun that we can't get enough of them. Why do movie makers nowadays seem to think their films have to be real and gritty. The whole point of movies like these is to escape from reality and provide entertainment while it lasts. In any case I am ecstatic that he has made this movie. From start till finish this is incredibly thrilling and very fun. Who would have thought that Colin Firth would be so impressive as an action hero? Taron Egerton is one to watch out for because he really makes it worth your while. Then there is Samuel L. Jackson. He is excellent as the super villain. I don't recall one boring minute in this one. And I am very happy that I got the chance to see this in the cinema (Toluca, Mexico) because I really would have regretted it not to have seen this on the big screen. 

I never have been a great fan of the Kick Ass movies because frankly I think they are very poorly done. But here the kinetic and brutal action works. My god does it work. Just wait until you see that one sequence everybody is talking about. It will blow your mind. Which is quite an accomplishment these days. Overall A MUST WATCH!!!

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