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Mini Review Get Hard (2015): Only worth it because of Will Ferrel, even when it's not on par of his usual work. Watch Big Stan instead!

genre: comedy

Another Kevin Hart vehicle where again it makes you wonder how this guy keeps getting cast as comical sidekick when he has yet to prove he has any comedic talent. He simply is not funny. Get Hard is only remotely funny because of Will Ferrel. He is not on top of his game in this one but make no mistake. Even at his worst he is funnier than Kevin Hart any day. I also question the film makers for putting Kevin Hart together with Will Ferrel. There is no chemistry there whatsoever. Even the jokes that were supposed to be crude and racial don't work because Kevin Hart ruins it by the way he delivers them. 

Do I really need to point out that this film is a giant waste of your time. Please don't watch this. 

I suggest watching Big Stan (2007) with Rob Schneider instead. It has the same premise and is far superior and much funnier than this comedy wannabe. 

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