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Review You, me and Dupree (2006): Owen Wilson steals the show.

genre: comedy

This movie is not a waste of time. With the little plot they have the terrific cast make most of it without going over the top. There are some flaws but those can be forgiven since overall I got a good feeling watching this movie. Most of the jokes made in You, me and Dupree are subtle. So watching this movie won't make you laugh every minute. But the situation the character of Matt Dillon was put in was recognizable. He has to endure a lot of things which put him to the test. And I think every man has been in a situation like this and can sympathize with him. The fact that he is not liked by is father in law of course is something many people can relate to. Personally I thought the scenes between Matt Dillon and Michael Douglas were very funny put in context. So how does the rest of the actors fare. Owen Wilson is Owen Wilson. If you don't like him you won't like this movie but if you don't have a problem with him you will love it. He has a presence that is hard to ignore. And he is the one that provides the comedy we are used to from him as he did in his previous movies. However even if I liked his scenes somehow it didn't match very well with Matt Dillon's crisis. It is almost like there are two separate movies combined into one. One with Owen Wilson and one with Matt Dillon. It is too bad that they couldn't blend these story lines better. Is that really such a big deal. I don't think so. Since overall this movie is pretty entertaining. Still if these storyline were more coherent then this would have been a masterpiece.  Very well worth your time!

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