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Review Continuum (2012 - 2015): A glimpse of of our society now and the near future, truly compelling and scary!

genre: science fiction, crime, drama

At first glance Continuum seems like your typical crime drama with a time travel twist. And the first episode doesn't really give you the scope and the magnitude of this show. However it does make an impression good enough for you to stick around and before you know it you are binge watching all of the seasons and you are waiting for the fourth season to happen. The brilliance of the show lies in the topics it dares to explore. Like police states, big corporations, terrorism, genetically modified organisms (GMO), DNA tempering, freedom and so much more. This is next to thrilling plot lines with twists and turns you won't see coming. Most of the time this occurs because the characters in this show aren't as predictable as you are led on to believe. Once you think you know one they do something that give a whole spin to what you know. Which makes it a lot of fun but at the same time also a little too easy and convenient and thus requires you to suspend disbelief more than once. Still it's a small sacrifice to make for a show that goes beyond the police and crime drama and tries to provoke thoughts on topics that matter today and in the future. Continuum is one of the best science fictions shows ever made. A lot happens on and underneath the surface. A must watch!

Edit 25-10-2015:

Continuum got cancelled for some unknown reason and it is something that is infuriating to say the least. Here we have a show that gives food for thought besides the typical stuff you would expect in a sci fi show. And what do they do? They cancel it not even giving the fan a full season. How is it possible that boring and generic shows like Law and Order and CSI get so many seasons and a show that actually is imaginative and creative does not get the chance? Anyways the fourth season is considerably shorter (only consisting of 6 episodes) which is very noticeable since all of the story lines and events feel rushed and underwhelming. Creator Simon Barry does manage to wrap up most story lines and gives us a conclusion. Is it a satisfying one? At the moment I don't think so. I will have to think about it some more and I will get back to you on that one. Although I can say that in hindsight I feel that the season 3 finale would have been a better ending for me. At least that would have given the fan the chance to fill in their own thoughts. However I can't deny that season 4 was filled with great and epic moments that do prove that Continuum had a lot in store for us. 

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