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Review Million Dollar Arm (2014): Fantastic feel good movie.

genre: drama, sports

Million Dollar Arm is a feel good sports movie that is based on a true events. Where you would expect ridicule or satire at the expense of a different culture you actually get a more reserved and respectful look which I found really refreshing. The main character J.B. Bernstein played by Jon Hamm when asked what he thought of the place he was residing (somewhere in India), it's a land of extremes. I think that for most sums up the experience quite well. Never been myself but that is the one thing you hear often from people who have been there. Now I was surprised to read that the events that are being depicted here were true. It was news to me and I too was curious to find out more about this. Now of course this being a Disney movie you can already predict how it is going to end. But I am a sucker for films that are filled with positive vibes and make you feel good at the end. And Million Dollar Arm does exactly this without it ever becoming too cheesy or slapstick apart from a few scenes. Which were comical for the most part. I found that the acting was superb on all accounts and this one has made me warm up to Jon Hamm. Never really cared much for Mad Men but I might consider giving that show a real chance in the near future. But I will certainly be more compelled to check him in other movies. The same goes for the Indian actors. They haven't been in much yet. Although Suraj Sharma played Pi in Life of Pi a movie that is on my to watch list but never got around to it. Overall I really enjoyed and liked this movie very much. It is well made and never feels like a waste of time. So give it a shot, you won't regret it.

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