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Review The Beaver (2011)

genre: drama

The Beaver for me seems to be a film that tries to depict depression in a sincere way. And for the most part I think it shows that it is very much a disease that is very difficult to deal with for everyone involved. There is no quick way to fix depression as it is shown in this film. Granted the film looks up the extremes in behaviour and might be a little on the dramatic side. Although I do think that does help to focus on the the main topic. Now when I first heard about this title I was expecting a more comedic approach too things. I mean an adult male holding a puppet Beaver who talks like Ray Winstone  is bound to lead to some hilarity. Most of the people were very quick of accepting it and go with it. Which seemed a little unrealistic to me at first although it did help move the story further. So that is not that much a flaw but something I wanted to mention anyway. I do feel that some scenes would have worked better with more humour added since The Beaver tends to take itself a little serious at times. Which is understandable because Jodie Foster wanted to be respectful towards handling this subject. But sometimes you can do that by pointing out issues or showing examples in funny ways. The acting was good and Mel Gibson made his role believable. You took him seriously. Anton Yelchin was good as well but his sub plot felt like filler. I kept waiting for his character to interact with Mel Gibon's one more than they did. Because to me that relationship needed more exploring and would have certainly been the most interesting. Jodie Foster wasn't that much present which makes sense since she was also directing. Overall I really liked this film as the topic is approached with sincerity but I would have liked it so much more if they would have gone into the topic a little deeper.  But I guess that is the price to pay to keep the movie short. Kudos for that by the way Jodie. There seems to be a trend going on where movies overstay their welcome with their long duration and additional scenes that could have easily been left out. The Beaver is very much worth your time. 

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