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Xbox One sucks (My little tribute to the original xbox)

This is the xbox. Which most of us had been calling xbox 1 ever since it was followed up by xbox 360.

This is not the xbox one but xbox 3.

When Microsoft sprang the name for the newest console on us I was astonished. Most of us gamers called the xbox (original) xbox 1 to avoid confusion in reference to the xbox360 which people also were calling the xbox. 

What do you mean, confusing? Surprisingly, I had never such issues with PlayStation. PSX or ps1 is the first, PS2 is the second, PS3 is the third, PS4 is the fourth. Very simple but clear. Does Microsoft think it will sell them more consoles this way? I really don't get it. But OK I could live with it because surely this would have no consequences, at all now, would it? Wrong! Before the Xbox One I could look for the old Xbox games and find them being discussed or reviewed without any effort. Now you need to be incredibly creative and clever to type the needed words to accomplish the same.

It almost looks like that the original Xbox console doesn't matter any more. And I refuse to accept that. Now, I am not a fanboy by any means. I will play games on every console available to me as long as the games are good. But it does get to me that I can't do a simple search to find for example a top 20 best Xbox original games without getting every article or video linked to the newest Xbox One instead of the original. I like to go retro from time to time and play older games I have skipped or missed. Other older consoles like game cube and n64 are being remembered more fondly and still very much matter. But seeing how the original console is not that old and already seems to be one that people want to forget about, I begin to wonder why that is? The original Xbox for me is a console that keeps surprising me with its options and the games that have been made exclusively for it. Even the non-exclusive ones seem to make the games look and run so much better compared to the other consoles. I have spent many hours on this console and will keep doing so. Still, it's very sad that a product that has given so much joy to many gamers can be dismissed and forgotten so easily. 

If it were up to Microsoft, we would be buying newer versions of their products daily. Well, I am not impressed. I will hold on the version of my liking as long as it is possible. If for some reason it is not possible, I will make it possible. Yes, I am stubborn that way.

Addition 23 October 2022:
For the sake of fairness, I have to state that I now own the Xbox One X and Xbox One Series X. And to the credit of Microsoft, they put in a lot more effort into making their older original games playable on these consoles. Actually, I kind of bought the Series X out of protest against Sony and their terrible attitude and handling of offering the PS5 to consumers. 

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