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The Force Awakens is going to suck (reaction trailer)

The teaser trailer of Star Wars: The Force Awakens is upon us. Well, watch it in case you still haven't then I will go into it what I think of it.

Before you go assuming I am already hating on this film let me tell you that I am a fan of the Star Wars franchise. Most of it. I liked all the movies and the video games including the prequels. However I am always very critical of certain elements that can ruin the fun. Even if George Lucas himself (the creator of Star Wars) messes up. My main complaint with the prequel trilogy was that it failed to show convincingly enough how Anakin Skywalker turned to the Dark Side and became Darth Vader. Sure there were hints throughout but the moment when there was no denying he turned came a bit sudden. Important scenes were left out. For me they would not have to be that long. But it would make more sense of how he became darker and darker. (Lots of fans out there that will defend this. But most of them are so into Star Wars that they use other material to fill in gaps that you can't do if you have no knowledge of them. And even if they their arguments would be credible it still won't make the pivotal scenes make the impact it could have been for the reason it should have. Enough about this. Let me discuss the trailer.

I don't know where to begin. Let me ask you this question. Does it really tease? Does it make you excited and wanting to watch this as soon as possible? Honestly speaking, it does not. This trailer absolutely does not reveal a thing. It only shows us how it is going to be filmed. It looked familiar yet also different. But nearly not enough for me to go crazy and loving it. Actually it made me a little indifferent about of what is to come. I will explain.

Now I almost made the same mistake like a lot of fan boys have been doing. To go in detail and look and see things that as of now is all speculation. But what has been shown that could be considered of significance? The little that is shown might not even feature in the film at all. Apparently I am missing something or there is a lot of wishful thinking going on. Although people, I know that Star Wars is a huge deal for some entertainment wise but come one you can go too far with all this admiration and worship. I saw someone crying on youtube after seeing the trailer above. I mean for god sake at least wait for the film to be in theaters and actually reserve the tears for after you have seen it. There is no indication at all that it is going to be good. 

I don't have much faith in J. J. Abrams as director. He kinda made a mess of Star Trek. Everything that made it so extraordinary and different from Star Wars for example was removed. Sure I enjoyed the more spectacle and action driven reboot and the bombastic sequel Review Star Trek Into Darkness (with even more spectacle and action but I wasn't happy with what it had become. And most of that is because J. J. Abrams does not know what Star Trek really was about. While people seem to think he is the most obvious choice to direct this Star Wars movie since he basically turned Star Trek into a Star Wars saga I still think he will mess up that franchise as well since I believe he is not really interested in staying true to the spirit of Star Wars and the mythos. He wants to make his own version of Star Wars and that may sound like a cool idea at first but just look at what he did with Star Trek. Thrilling and action packed but does it have any substance like it's predecessors or the shows? No! 

Try to re watch the films directed by Abrams a couple of times. You will find yourself bored. His films are exciting the first time, but the second time and the third time. Not a chance. I can watch all of the Star Trek films except for Nemesis (I don't know, that one was truly horrible). The same goes for the all of the Star Wars movies. The movies he makes are full of twists and turns that lose their strength and appeal after you know what is to come. Take Mission Impossible 3 for example. Of the whole franchise I can watch all of them except the one directed by him. Yes, even the John Woo one was much more enjoyable than his. One the lasting appeals of Star Trek and Star Wars is that they are truly classics. Films that remain good even after so much time has passed. Ones that are discovered by new generations. Are his movies of that caliber? I don't think so. So just according to his track record it is something that he still has to prove. However we still can't say if it will be good or bad. Maybe he will finally manage to surprise us and make a believer out of me. Until then let us wait and reserve our opinions until we actually get to see the finished product. Honestly crying after watching a teaser trailer, that is just too ridiculous. Of course you are allowed to be looking forward to a film. I do too, that is unavoidable if you are a film fan but crying and becoming all emotional after seeing little bits and pieces that is just too much. 

Edit 19-11-2016:
In my review of the film you will see a more nuanced view but I do feel that my predictions have come true. Although Abrams managed to do even worse when it came to making his own version of Star Wars. He copied and pasted plot lines from the original and did not bother setting up events and characters so that you are left with so many questions and plot holes that you wonder how the so called fans ate it all up. What should have been the most interesting elements in the film is not even present. What happened in between the events of Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens? Why did they allow to happen to have yet another evil organization take over and dominate the universe? What prevented them from stopping or preventing it? Why would Luke Skywalker retreat after fighting so hard for peace and stability? These are just but a few questions that get raised but never answered. And probably will never get answered since Abrams obviously doesn't care about telling a good coherent story. Say what you want about George Lucas at least he tried to. He very adequately showed us how it was possible for the Evil Empire to rise and why the Jedi's couldn't do anything about it.

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