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Review The Dirty Dozen (1967) (Classic Movies)

genre: war, action, drama

There have been many sequels, copies and even a TV show about this concept. But the original Dirty Dozen is still the best. 

Even when you look at this movie now it is exciting as hell. The action mixed with good performances is something you just have to see. Even people who don’t like war movies will like this movie. Technically this is a movie about one mission to be fulfilled by expendable soldiers (read convicts who are trained) in the second world war. You will see the very reluctant and disorganized convicts transform in highly trained and competent soldiers. This is a fun thing to see and experience. Of course it is not realistic but the idea of using a team like this could have been real. If you think about it convicts who are sentenced to death could be of use in killing (in this case) the Germans. They have nothing to lose. The chance of defecting to the German would be very minimal. After doubts from a Col. Everett Dasher Breed the team are put to the test. They win the test in such a brilliant way that you are convinced that they will succeed the mission. 

Naturally there are some challenges to be met. I mean there is a good reason why these convicts were put in jail. Some of them are true masters of deception and might not want to see it through fully. And then there are some who do try but simply are too disturbed mentally. It's one of the elements that adds tension to an already difficult mission.  

From start till the end Dirty Dozen doesn't disappoint. This is a movie you can watch over again and again. That’s why it' s a wonderful classic! 

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