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24 December 2014 Christmas Eve: Final episode Warehouse 13, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Home Alone 2

It's Christmas. And traditionally this is a time that I watch a lot of movies (not always typical Christmas movies but ones that do fit the spirit of the Holidays). On this Christmas Eve, I will choose what to watch as the night progresses. Before I get to the movies I watched I want to discuss the last episode of Warehouse 13.

The episode in itself wasn't that spectacular compared to previous ones. In fact it was a lazy one since it was a clip show. Not really fond of those. Except this one got to you on an emotional level. It is one of the few shows that actually took time to say goodbye to the fans and audience in a way they could get closure but also leaves room open in case they might feel like picking it up some day. Like return as a Christmas special or TV Movie. In spirit this last episode was very much in line of Christmas type films since it was very heartbreaking. Each important character got their moment to shine which is something that should be appreciated.

Anyway up to the films I have seen. And the first was:

How to Lose a Guy in 10 days (2003)

genre: comedy, romance

Charming and entertaining romcom that is driven on the charm of both Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey. Both are likable even when the whole premise of the bet thing on both sides is quite ridiculous. Most of the jokes are quite juvenile and you know how it is going to end up. Like most romcoms this will make you feel good at the end and I enjoyed it. Somehow I bought into all of the silliness and found the film to be quite entertaining. Just shows how important actors can be to make it worth your while.

Next movie was Home Alone 2:

Home Alone

genre: comedy

Not as strong as the original. It's a bit more long winded and exactly the same story as in the first one without adding something fresh. But Macaulay Culkin  draws you in just like he did in the original and you can't but help root for him. And shame on his parents for forgetting him yet again which brings us one of the funniest scenes.Where the parents laugh about how they are such bad parents. This time around I wasn't fully enjoying the slapstick moments but they don't take up the majority of the film. I liked how they focused on the kindness of Kevin and shows us what Christmas should be about. Home Alone 2 therefore is a very good Christmas movie in my opinion. And is definitely one to watch if you haven't seen if before.

It was already too late and my bed beckoned me. More movies will be watched and reviewed these days. So do come back to check it out.

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