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Review The Perfect Game (2009)

genre: sports, drama, comedy

The Perfect Game might be coming off as low budget or amateurish at times. It has heart through and through. The story about the young Mexicans going against the odds and are able to overcome the difficulties they come across is an endearing one. You can't but help root for them. Now I have read reviews where often the criticism is that it is one cliché after another. True, the story is like many previous sports movies. You know where it is heading. But that is the whole point of a feel good movie isn't it? You don't watch movies like these to feel surprised or god forbid bad. Whoever wants to feel bad after watching a movie? If you do then sorry to say that simply does not make sense to me. Anyhow. You will have to overlook some of the film's flaws and look with your heart. There is a lot going on in here that is important to show or tell even if it is done in a cliché way. Movies like these bring attention to events a lot of people aren't aware off and if you need to know what of it is true you could look it up and read more about it. Overall this is a film that is very entertaining and makes you feel good. Always a plus in my book. 

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