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Review Falcon Rising (2014)

genre: action, martial arts

Falcon Rising might seem like a dime in a dozen B movie at first glance. Although I think it deserves a little more credit. For me it felt like a throwback to the old school action movies made in the Nineties. Predictable, simple plot, minimal dialogue and good action. Michael Jai White again proves that he is one cool and funny dude who should have been huge after Spawn (1997). (Edit: After having watched Spawn again after many years I can't say that White impresses that much. Not that he is bad but he doesn't really add anything special to his character. That being said we can't fault him for that too much since I do believe it is the director who was lacking.) It is a delight to see him in action. So why do I think this film deserves more credit. Because it exposes why a lot of older action movies made in the Eighties and Nineties were far superior when it came to fun and action. Plots while nice have no place in them. They should be kept as simple as possible. Good versus Evil. Anti heroes are all the rage these days and honestly I am getting fed up with that. That only works if a competent actor is portraying such characters. And only a few can pull it convincingly. Plus it only distracts from everything else. Again keep it simple. Let us root for the incorrigible and untouchable good guys beating the bad guys. Falcon Rising does this with the end result that you feel good at the end. No bad aftertaste or some nasty afterthought. It is hinted that there might be a sequel or multiple sequels. Well bring it on. We want Falcon, we want Falcon!!!! 

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