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Review Intruders Pilot (2014)

genre: mystery, drama

Don't read this if you have not seen the pilot because this will contain SPOILERS although most of it is speculation on my part.

Saw the pilot today of #Intruders. And it is deliberately vague, mysterious and confusing. But here is my take on it:

There are these creatures that don't die but transfer themselves into other bodies. Only they somehow do it while the host is still conscious but unaware of this happening. Then these creatures go dormant until they are woken up by those guys in black coats. Must be their guardians or something similar. If I remember correctly in the beginning of episode a cat also was present when the girl went into the bath. The cats must be some sort of vessel that transports the creatures. The jazz song is one of the frequencies that awakens the creatures inside the human bodies. It seems that the creatures are fighting amongst themselves since the man called Marcus inside the little girl is defiant against the one who awakened him. A lot of questions arise. What are these creatures? Are they aliens? Are they ghosts? Why do they need hosts? Why does John Simms has to play an American? Do we need to call animal control for possible abuse of cats? Do I really care about what is going on in this show?

"Don't beat around the bush man, tell us what you think?"
You really want to know what I think. Ok here goes.

Rubbish, complete rubbish. Incredibly poor writing. Yes Yes, I know it is supposed to be mysterious and all. Still, it is expected of us to care for characters we hardly know. We get to see #MiraSorvino like two minutes. And most of those minutes we are told she is not acting like herself. Would have been nice to have been shown how she was when she was normal. Same goes for John Simm's character. He is a fine actor but hardly any background is given on him. We know he is a retired cop turned writer. We don't even know the profession of Miro Sorvino's character. Then the little girl and her mother. The mother is conveniently absent when strange things start to happen to the little girl. In the first minutes when we get acquainted with them the mother is all over her and now suddenly she is not there. That is so unbelievable and poor storytelling. And I could have lived with this had the characters themselves been remotely interesting. But they aren't. Guess I will have to watch the second episode to see if this improves or not. Although I have a suspicion it is only going to get worse. A pilot should grab you. It should tease and intrigue to a point so that you can't resist to watch what happens next. And Intruders fails to do this. I will have to force myself to watch this. If you ask me avoid !

Edit 16-02-2015:
I still have not watched the rest of this show. But can someone tell me if it gets better? Thank you in advance.

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