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Review Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)

 genre: action, adventure, comic book

Well, I'll be damned but this was actually a lot of fun. While Michael Bay wasn't in the director's seat this time his stamp all over it and that worked out nicely. It was not what I expected to be but the fact that it was not dreadful and very enjoyable I am not going to be super critical as I initially was. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for me is pure nostalgia as I grew up on watching them and I feared and dreaded that Michael Bay would make me hate those otherwise lovable turtles. Imagine my surprise that most of what we love about them stays intact. Which at the same time could be seen criticism since this latest adaptation doesn't do anything new with them. Another might be that the action is a little too similar to the Transformers franchise. Now I liked it for the most part, but would it have hurt to have the turtles fighting in their own unique style and actually fight like ninja's. It amazes me that the ninja part always gets overlooked so much. Here was a chance for Turtles to actually behave and act like real life Ninja's with all that mysticism and cool stuff that comes with it. And they neglected to make use of this. Another big flaw I do need to address is the under use of Shredder. Here you have an iconic villain and somehow he is less impressive as he should have been. However it did not stop me from being entertained. More surprised was I that Megan Fox as April was not annoying at all. All in all this version is pretty entertaining and in this day and age that is the least you could hope for.

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