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Review Hemlock Grove Season 1

genre: thriller, horror, mystery

Hemlock Grove is a Netflix original that mixes old school horror with gore and sex. And I must admit I was a little skeptic before hand especially after reading about what people thought of it. Then I saw the first two episodes and I was blown away. I knew this was a show that deserved to be watched. Thing about this show is that it asks a lot of patience of you. It takes forever for events to unfold and make sense. A lot is suggested and implied but you really need to sit through some tedious and boring episodes to get rewarded. After the eight episode I almost gave up until I heard from Mrs. P. that it definitely was going to get better. And I am glad I listened since the reward in the finale of the first season is grand and epic. Hemlock Grove takes it time to tell you about the characters that matter and all of them have their good sides and bad sides. Every character has their flaws and weaknesses but at the same time they also are made likeable when needed. I love it when that happens. Since that is quite a realistic approach of how people are. And it gives them a lot of depth and makes them interesting to watch .I liked it how the characters that initially despised each other somehow still managed to connect in a way. Hemlock Grove being a small town makes it hard to avoid people so to then have people ignore each other would come across weird. Now this show does expect of you to accept the supernatural elements. The way that is portrayed is quite admirable. These elements are used sparingly and are quite effective when they do happen. Just in the same fashion as Penny Dreadful the audience is being teased and teased to then be confronted with something thrilling and horrific. This does not mean the buildup of tension and suspense always is solid. Because a few times it gets interrupted by for example sex scenes where one could question the functionality. However there is an incredible atmosphere present that is hard to escape from. It is what will draw most people in. Hemlock Grove is also filled with references to mythologies and other tv shows that could warrant a second viewing. I loved this show and was impressed how this first season ended. I am really psyched to see the second season which I am going to do as soon as possible. It's a little underrated if you ask me. Personally I think this is much better than Penny Dreadful. A show that in my opinion lost it's way after a while and never recovered from it. To give you an idea how much I loved it. I watched episode 3 and following episodes back to back in one day. (Around episode 5, 6 and 7 it really is super slow, but then after it picks up and never lets you go.) Give it a chance, you won't be sorry.

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