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Review Pompeii (2014): It makes Volcano look like a classic masterpiece!

genre: action, adventure, drama

Oh my, standards sure have lowered considerably. I remember a movie called Volcano with Tommy Lee Jones being bombed and that one was actually very enjoyable and far superior to this trash. I don't know what the point is of Pompeii. Everybody who has a little knowledge of those events know those were pretty tragic. And everything this film does makes a mockery of that. If this film tried to depict this then the film makers should really go back to film school and learn how to evoke drama without the need to resort to pointless action every five minutes. My biggest problem is that the film makers did not find the volcano erupting compelling enough and felt the need to add romance and a gladiator like plot which truth be told was boring as hell. Sure the action was decent but never exciting. Our hero was pretty much invincible and you simply knew he would come out ok. Besides the Roman culture was so much more advanced and coliseums with gladiators fighting weren't as important as Hollywood as have us believe. Really sad that most people associate Romans with gladiators instead of the innovations and inventions they brought us. See this link. The historic value that Pompeii praises itself with is immensely laughable and should be ignored completely.  Kiefer Sutherland as villain is always interesting only you can tell he did not take this seriously at all. He was hamming it up big time and actually was perhaps the only one aware that this was a piece of garbage that did not deserve any effort to provide good acting. Not that the other cast members were convincing. But it is obvious they take everything far too serious and is one of the factors that killed the enjoyment of this film. If you are going to make a film about this subject then you should show how vast and grand this disaster was. You have to show the audience that these were people like us and did not deserve to die. The whole good versus evil plot is not necessary and in fact only distracts from the seriousness of this disaster. Please don't watch this. It's a gigantic waste of time.

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