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Review The Monuments Men (2014)

genre: heist, war, drama

The Monuments Men is almost a throwback to classic war movies like The Dirty Dozen and Kelly's Heroes where a team of people are put on a mission where the chances to succeed are very small. A lighter approach to some serious topics that back then worked incredibly well. Only here it fails to capture what made those movies so great. It gets stuck in the political message they want to send. If it weren't for the Americans then more precious art would have been lost. Now at first it was refreshing to see this sensitive subject being touched upon. But the shameless propaganda in favour of America and their good willing citizens could make some viewers a little nauseous. I personally am very used to Americans claiming to be the greatest and everything so I am not as bothered as others might. Although I can understand that there will be scenes where some will cringe at the historical inaccuracy and raping of the facts. This put aside there is enough charm and humour going around from the established cast to make this film worth your while. But you can't but help feel that something is off and some elements are lacking. You can sense there is much more to the story but it simply does not jump out at you. In my opinion decent but a bit disappointing. 

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