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Review Goodbye World (2013)

genre: drama

Goodbye World is a little movie that shows a possible apocalyptic future. It doesn't go into details much of how and why things are happening but you learn enough to know that the world for the characters we are introduced to has changed. These characters are colorful enough to distinguish themselves. However I did not find them really likeable. Only in a few instances I cared for them. And here is one of the remarkable things. During the film you continually have doubts about certain characters but in the end they showed change in attitude and perspective on life. Now the time span of this development is something that of course in real life takes much more time but for the sake of the enjoyment it is something you will have to accept. For the most part you get to see how people would react if something huge like this would happen. It is interesting enough although I wished they would have gone deeper into the subject. Still I found myself liking it more than I anticipated. Goodbye World is also being branded as a comedy. And that is a real mystery to me. Nothing remotely funny or ridiculous happens that could make me think this was some kind of black comedy or parody of some sorts. The whole cast plays this as serious as they can. Sure a white female defending hiphop might be considered funny. In this case I found it rather sad and juvenile. Dramatic wise it made sense. Comedic wise not at all. I mention this since all the seriousness will turn a lot of people off. Decent movie.

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