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From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)

 genre: crime, action, horror, fantasy

The new show From Dusk Till Dawn inspired me to re watch the original movie again. And I have to say that this 18 year old movie surprised me just as much as it did the first time. 

Especially that it still holds up and in fact it is far superior to the TV show. The first major reason is the sense of humour. The movie never takes it self too seriously even when it touches some serious subjects. It shows shock and disgust when needed but also provides enough comic relief to keep things light. The second reason is the acting. George Clooney and Harvey Keitel show how it should be done. And if you compare their portrayals to recent tv show then D.J. Cotrona's Seth for example seems like a watered down copy with half of the characteristics tossed out. Resulting that his behaviour doesn't match up with how he reacts to the events. Not knocking the show because it does do things on it's own merit.  But it's a little strange for a show that draws out the film scene by scene in excruciatingly manner not to focus on the right characterization of such importance. Another reason why From Dusk Till Dawn is strong is how easily it plays around with several genres and blends it in a way that it all fits together. It does not give you the time to question what is happening on the screen. It draws you in to the delightful chaos and mayhem that ensues. Most important reason however which a lot of recent movies can learn from is that it is incredible fun. From start till finish it is a blast. It takes it's time to build up tension and increase excitement but at the same time giving the viewer the rest to their senses so that the enjoyment of later scenes is more optimal. (Now that is how you should have done it Zack Snyder in Man of Steel !)

If you haven't see this film yet then do so it's a classic.

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