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Spoiler free Review of Season 4 finale The Walking Dead

The posters above were spread all over the internet building up anticipation and promise for something wild and awesome. In stead we get an amazing 38 minutes and extremely disappointing last 5 minutes that felt like a cop out and almost made you forget about the exciting events happened before. What they are I can't explain without spoiling but I will say this much that the people who had doubts about a certain character will never doubt again. And I am very glad that this character stepped up the plate. However overall the finale of this season was very weak. The mid season finale was far superior to this one as that one was a more logical conclusion to events that had been occurring. Here a lot of things did not matter at all. Everything felt rushed and the sudden use for a flashbacks supposedly to provide a stellar cliffhanger failed big time. Now am I surprised this happened. Not really. The producers of this show know they have a hit on their hand. And as long as they show just enough of what the fans want they can make The Walking Dead last. I gave up on the show after the first season because to me at that time it did not deliver what I expected. After being convinced by Mrs. P.  I watched all episodes from season 2 and 3 back to back and started to love the show again. And watching these seasons wasn't always easy. Like the first season it was filled with epicness but also quite a few episodes that were dull and slow and made you wonder why you were watching the show in the first place. Answer: Those epic moments last and make it worth to sit through the boring ones. The Walking Dead is one of the few shows where the characters likeable or not do matter. It feels bad when they get seperated and it feels good when they get reunited. So disappointing finale or not, I am sure season 5 will deliver just enough to keep me and other fans happy. 

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