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Review The Host a.k.a. Gwoemul (2006)

genre: horror, science fiction,

For me this was the second time I watched The Host since the first time I never got to since something came in between. When searching through titles to watch I came across a movie called The Snowpiercer which was directed by Joon-ho Bong who also directed The Host. It made me want to re-watch and finish The Host, so I did.

And I enjoyed it so much better than the first time I saw it. A lot has to do with the company I was in. With the surprise factor a little gone, there will still moments where you cared about what was happening to the people. Great attention is given to some characters because it makes you invested in them and root for them. Even when most of the film is meant seriously there are a lot of comedic moments that lighten the mood a bit, otherwise it might have been too dark and less enjoyable. Monster movies should always be lighter of tone, of course. But there are some hints of criticism hidden in the film that never detract from the story. 

The monster is used sparingly to great effect. When the monster is in sight it makes it so much more menacing. However, sometimes I do think they focused too much on the characters in some scenes. But on the other hand, these scenes show how determined the main character is to find back his daughter. The monster looks phenomenal and is given some thought to, especially in the way it moves. You can actually picture this creature being the result of evolution, had it taken place naturally. 

Overall, this is a great monster flick you should at least have seen once.

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