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Review Brave (2012)

genre: animation, fantasy

Brave is a beautifully animated feature that is endearing and touching. It doesn't do anything new but why should it. The movie entertains on many fronts and I seriously don't understand the heavy criticism. There is a fine balance in comedy, drama and adventure. Plus as most from Disney / Pixar movies makes you feel good. How can anybody be against such a thing. If one is willing to overlook that the adventure that is offered is not epic as one might have expected it to be there is an enchanting tale about the bond between a mother and daughter. You could take it further and say it's about having done something wrong, owning up to it and being forgiven for it because you showed courage to do so. This is a very universal theme and should be recognizable for a lot of people. You could also just see it as a fairy tale filled with comedic antics and magic. For me Brave has offered what I expected from it and rightfully deserves to be a classic as much as all Pixar features previously. 

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