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Review American Hustle (2013)

genre: crime, drama, comedy

American Hustle is one of those movies that promises a lot but in the end fails to deliver on many fronts. To begin with the plot. What plot? With a movie that has a lenght over two hours you expect more story and intrigue. The little plot that was present then has to be so good and compelling  to makei t worth your wile. Or at least offer something  in the end that would turn everything upside down and make you scream, briliant. Well, this is not the case. Instead the plot is shoved aside purely so that there would be more focus on the characters. And yes some of them really catch the eye for a short period. Christian Bale’s performance is excellent and Jennifer Lawrence shines as usual. For me personally Jeremy Renner stole the show. He was able to show depth and sincerity in the short screen time he was given. However this might get lost on some viewers since he understands he needs to underplay his role and be subtle. No doubt people will question if somebody like him really is that naive. The way he played it he made it believable.  The other characters were more like caricatures and made it hard to take them seriously. I also did not find them really likeable . Since we don’t actually  get to know them well. You have to take them as presented. At face value. Amy Adams’ character is supposed to be this diva and sex bom band the audience should automatically accept she is. Now this might work with certain actresses who have that natural sex appeal. Amy Adams is not one of them. Basically American Hustle comes down to a bunch of actors playing caricatures instead of real people. They might seem like real people at first glance but further down the road you discover that they are as bland as they come and there is nothing special about them. Which makes the whole viewing experience  a  very disappointing affair.   

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