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Review Nightbreed (1990)

 genre: fantasy, horror

Nightbreed is a very difficult film to review since it gave me a lot of mixed emotions. On the one hand I liked it and enjoyed it because it offered a lot visually. On the other hand I was disappointed how little story there was. Not to mention very confusing. Now I have read the studios butchered the film and that the Cabal cut is the version Clive Barker intended to make. However that version unless I am mistaken has not been released yet so we will have to do with the theatrical version. Story wise Nightbreed is a mess. There is almost to none buildup in tension or suspense. And characters that are given importance to don't impress as is promised. Instead we go from event to event that visually looks wonderful but in the end have no impact. Only in the final part of Nightbreed you feel emotionally connected to the mutants and almost makes up for the previous minutes. Personally I am not understanding the praise Nightbreed is getting. Compared to Hellraiser this is abonimally bad. Which might not be entirely fair since Nightbreed is not really a horror tale. Still I found it hard to fully immerse myself into Nightbreed because it was lacking so much. So I can't really recommend it. But judged as a action fantasy movie this is adequate. 

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