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Review Nebraska (2013)

 genre: comedy, drama

Comedies or drama's tend to exaggerate or focus on emotional impact and can go overboard very easily. I personally do like it when a film does it depending on the emotion it evokes and the state of mind I am in. Nebraska doesn't do anything like this. It excels in subtleness. Events play out ( I am assuming ) how they would play out if you lived in those parts of Nebraska. Actually I myself recognized a lot in how these people acted and lived since I am familiar to how life is like in a small town. And within the setting there is a subtlety about the characters that each have their quirk or mannerism you can relate to. Here lies the strength of Nebraska but at the same time it's weakness. If you can't relate or can't handle the subtlety the beauty of this film will be mostly lost on you. The humour can be found when you take the time to get acquainted with any of the characters. It is how they deal with very common acts and events that makes things hilarious. Again this asks of you to be invested in characters that at first glance aren't really that likable. But once you do the film will be a joyride. Besides the mannerisms there are little themes hidden within. Like alcoholism and generally how we view old people. Mother Kate (played by June Squibb) is a stereotypical old woman who nags and bitches and gets on your nerves. However when you get to know her you can see what she is about and makes you like her after having hated her for a while. I enjoyed seeing that very much. Now that brings me to Bruce Dern being nominated. I won't say he does not deserve it. But I can imagine people thinking that there was not much to his Woody character. I myself feel like the whole cast deserve an oscar because they do make the movie. I sure can recommend this one!     

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