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Review Girl Most Likely (2012)

 genre: comedy, drama

Girl Most Likely is being advertised as a laugh out loud comedy and that may do this film a little disservice. It soon becomes clear that this is not a comedy but more a light drama about a woman who is having a little crisis and tries to deal with it. Once I realized this and could let go of Girl Most Likely not having jokes I started to enjoy her interactions with her supposedly dysfunctional family. Basically the story is about Kristen Wiig's character coming to terms with where she comes from and what she has accomplished. I think everyone passes a point where they do the same so they can relate to it. The whole cast do a decent job but no one really stands out acting wise. Other than that there is not much else to it that is worth mentioning. Overall it's decent enough but might be a disappointing affair if you were expecting a hilarious comedy.

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