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Review Doomsday (2008): A very underrated action adventure that deserves better.

genre: science fiction, action, adventure

Doomsday plays around with genres by borrowing from other movies like Escape from New York, Mad Max The Road Warrior and 28 Days Later. In my opinion this works quite well since instead focusing on plot Neil Marshal makes a full out action movie with enough thrills and tension to make you wonder where it is heading. When you watch this for the first time you will be in suspense throughout. The second time you will be enjoying the action and the references to other movies more. Rhona Mitra is excellent as the female equivalent of Snake Plissken and even adds to it for obvious reasons. One thing you have to realize about Doomsday though. While having a top notch cast playing everything straight it does not take itself seriously. It is a B movie made to entertain, have fun with and nothing else. If you were expecting more horror or better story than chances are you will be disappointed. In my opinion this is a very underrated action adventure that deserves better especially after I found it just as entertaining on my second viewing as when I did the first time.

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