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Review Matando Cabos (2004)

 genre: comedy, crime

Matando Cabos has been one of the first Mexican crime comedies I had the pleasure to watch and I liked what I saw. Although I would not classify this as a classic or even dare to compare it to Pulp Fiction as undoubtedly a few reviewers have done. Since that is hardly fair. This is a Mexican production in which some of the jokes or criticism won't arrive since only Mexicans or other people who are familiar or  live in the country will understand. This is it's strength and at the same time it's weakness because an international audience will be lost in some of the events that are unfolding. Nevertheless there is more than enough to keep even them happy since Matando Cabos is filled with hilarious moments that are universal minded and the performances of the actors involved are all top notch. That being said though it won't be a smooth ride. Not being able to completely understand certain jokes and a rather harsh ending could spoil the fun a little bit. Still overall speaking I think this is one of the better crime comedies there is so give it a shot. (You better or Mrs. P.  will be very displeased with you. And trust me on this you don't want to do that!)

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