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A Haunted House (2013) versus Scary Movie 5 (2013)

genre: parody, comedy

Good parody movies are a rarity and recent ones are only made to make a quick buck. This is obvious in the laziness how the parodies are handled. Like only referencing to the movies being made fun off or certain pop culture icons that happen to be big at the time. David Zucker was a master and proved that in classics like Kentucky Fried Chicken, Airplane and Naked Gun. If you compare one of these to contemporary ones you simply won't believe how much quality writing has declined. Still I am hopeful that one day that film maker will arrive to deliver the viewer the high quality parody movies that he / she deserves. So what of A Haunted House and Scary Movie 5? Are they the ones to rekindle the genre or just another set of examples for studio execs to earn money without even bothering to entertain? Let us find out.

A Haunted House (2013)

Let me cut right to it. A Haunted House is the superior of the two. With Marlon Wayans that was to be expected. Since this film is basically a return to his work in the first two Scary Movies. But it does require you to be in the mood for. A Haunted House is filled with some nasty and raunchy jokes that on occasion will make your stomach turn. Still A Haunted House does do more than referencing. It takes something from a scene and then goes beyond making a new joke out of it. I disliked Paranormal Activity with a passion and could not wait to see how they would parody it. And they did it satisfactorily. Actually this parody is even superior to Paranormal Activity. Say what? That is how I feel about it, so deal with it.

Scary Movie 5 (2013) 

I already knew in advance not too expect much from this fifth entry still the hope was bigger than the fear. And good god. it was even worse than I imagined. This is without the doubt the worst in the franchise and maybe even in the entire genre. At least in the first three they were making real efforts to do something special. Here it lacks every element to make it stand out even for a few seconds. I can't remember any of the scenes other than that scene where Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan were parodying themselves. Actually when I think about it that was kinda funny. Will it help to say that it was the best joke and that it goes downhill from there?  It is hard to believe that David Zucker who once made me cry with tears of laughter could write such rubbish.

So obviously A Haunted House is the winner. But would I recommend it? As I said you need to be prepared and in the right mindset. It is one of those better enjoyed in company. If you were contemplating between Scary Movie 5 and A Haunted House then of course I would advise the latter. Still I would rather advise to stay clear from the genre for now.

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