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Review Rise of the Guardians (2012): BELIEVE!

genre: animation, action, adventure, comedy, drama

Rise of the Guardians is a title I was very doubtful about and while watching completely changed my mind about it. It is actually one of the most sincere CGI animation films that is made this year. Is it reusing older themes concerning Santa Claus and all those other mythical figures? Yes it is. Only it is done in the way that the old myths are combined with dark themes and hard hitting action resulting in a thrilling fast paced family movie that is quite rare. Tooth fairy,Easter Bunny,Santa Clause and more kicking butt surely I must be joking. I am not. The notion of this concept might be hard to swallow and yet it works. While there is a lot of focus on the decreasing spirit of believing in something or losing innocence. There is actually made an effort to go beyond the usual themes. It was a blast from start till finish and I can't stress enough how much fun it is. The excellent voice acting only add to the wonderful viewing experience. Don't wait until Christmas to watch this. It's always good for all ages, what more do you want. BELIEVE!

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