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Review Jack the Giant Slayer (2013)

genre: action, adventure

Jack the Giant Slayer is an adaptation of the well known fairytale of Jack and The Beanstalk. And from what I remember of that tale might not have been much but I knew it was one of those tales where you feel the magic and the adventure. In this adaptation this magic is uneven and almost completely lacking. Incredible events happen all of a suddenly and not much time is given to make you really excited about them at first. However things start to pick up in the second half and makes you forget about the slow first half. Still I was expecting so much more. I can't believe a director like Bryan Singer could not think of more to put in. Most of the characters were flat and it is credit to the actors that they still were able to make them more interesting than they were. Which brings me to the giants. Now here is where I really feel cheated. No background is given on them whatsoever. I could not see any female giants. So where do they come from? I am not a child anymore but I know how I was when I was one and it would be one of the first questions on my mind. But even in the short duration they were on the screen they were pretty much one of the most interesting elements of Jack the Giant Slayer. I would have loved to see more of the dynamics between them. Overall I thought it was entertaining enough but I do feel Bryan Singer has not put his heart into it. This tale deserved better.

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