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Review Arbitrage (2012): Overrated!


Arbitrage is one of those thrillers that relies heavily on strong characters and the acting to make it interesting. The plot itself is not that compelling although there is just enough build up in suspense. But that is only the case if you care about the main character played by Richard Gere. And while Richard Gere is competent it is nowhere near a performance that really makes you want to invest in him. He is never the truly bad guy that he is made out to be. In the movie we get examples of what lengths he goes to in order to achieve his goals. Most of his acts certainly will question the morality of oneself but is it as evil as they want us to believe. For that the movie is too simplified and unconvincing. I can think of far worse and I don't even have to crack my brains because you can read about it in the papers on a daily basis. Richard Gere's character still tries to do good where he can and it makes him too sympathetic and in the end predictable and boring. How is it exciting to watch a thriller knowing in advance how it will end?  Exactly. If you ask me this one is a tad overrated. 

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