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Review Sinister (2012): Interesting premise but ultimately not scary!

genre: horror

Interesting premise, creepy home movies, solid acting, buildup of atmosphere, a mysterious being very much like Freddy Krueger who may or may not be real. You would think with all this we would have enough for a good horror film. Except the one thing that is very essential. It's not scary. Somehow Sinister fails in using the scares effectively. You can see them coming. And the off chance that you can't you will get notice long before by the loud sounds or music. On the one hand the director knows that he has to take it slow to build up suspense. But doesn't know how to get past the creepiness into terrifying the audience. It also doesn't help that there aren't that many threatening events. Through Ethan Hawke we do get an idea how spooked we should be. Still why imply when you can show. The mystery behind it all is what will keep the viewer interested. But I have to say that it's not a particular strong one. Apart from one clever but very little twist there isn't much to it. In this case the director's minimalistic approach to the story and the events simply doesn't deliver.

For people who like me who were looking forward to Sinister and were promised something as scary as Insidious I will have to disappoint. It is nothing like that one.   


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