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Review Madagascar 3:Europe's Most Wanted (2012)

genre: animation, comedy

After the disappointment that was Ice Age 4  I was very hesitant to watch this third entry in the Madagascar franchise. Entertainment wise both of the franchises are almost similar in style and comedy. Plus the first two films in the franchise weren't exactly funny or memorable as they could have been. 

But was I glad to find out I was wrong. Forget what you know about the previous films and characters. But even if you aren't willing to, this third entry will make you forget anyway. The characters this time around are wittier and crazier. Pay special attention to Captain Chantal Dubois voiced by Frances McDormand who is incredibly determined even more so than the character she played in Fargo. I can't even begin to describe the events in this part. There are so many. Madagascar 3 is a real blast from start to finish. You won't know what will hit you until it is over. It's a roller coaster ride of pure magic and fun. There are some sequences that simply will take your breath away from all the awesomeness they have put in them. The finale is one to see to be believed and leaves you with the most ultimate good feeling possible. A must watch!

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