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Review The Hunger Games (2012)

genre:science fiction, adventure, action

The Hunger Games is a film I decided to watch as it was recommended by a friend of mine. Now I know that some people say that the story for the most part is copied from Battle Royale even when the author denies this. Whether she is telling the truth or not from what I have seen it does seem very similar. But then again then you could also say that the story has borrowed from other books and films as well. Like for example The Running Man. At a certain point you have to ask yourself what book or film hasn't borrowed elements from other books and films. Only if it is too similar and the writer or director has not put the extra effort to at least give the impression it is a different story then it might be something that can stand in your way to your enjoyment. Now in this case it didn't really matter much since I went in seeing this film for the action and adventure. When you focus on that then the plot becomes less important. And in that aspect it met my expectations. Don't get me wrong. I do like a good story especially when it enhances the other elements in a film. But I felt like a lot was omitted that I needed to make me feel connected to the characters on the screen. It was a little too black and white for my taste. I like it when good prevails. But I like it more when the differences between good and evil aren't that obvious. Still it was pretty exciting to see the kids fighting for their survival. Jennifer Lawrence managed to carry the movie all on her own and that is quite impressive. In the film there were a number of scenes that dragged a bit and I can't help but feel that the time spent on these scenes could have been put to better use in explaining the viewer more about the world the characters live in. Especially for people like me who have not read the books. It's context needed to make the viewer more connected to the characters. For a book so popular you would expect more depth to the story or characterization. Overall The Hunger Games is decent and enjoyable. Do I think it is overrated? Well,yes. According to the hype The Hunger Games is a masterpiece. And without doubt I can say it is not by a long shot. It lacks too much in too many elements to make it stand out. I understand that a specific audience feels strongly about the books and the film. But I wished people would be a little more critical when compared to other films in the same genre. There are far better titles out there that will never be as popular this franchise who also deserve a lot of praise.   

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