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Review Prometheus (2012): Very rewarding if you let it and judge this as a standalone film!

genre: science fiction

Ridley Scott is one of those directors that rarely disappoints. So I was a bit surprised to read so many negative reviews concerning his latest film. From the reviews I read it is mostly because of certain expectations that weren't met. I can understand that some people were hoping for yet another thrilling and horrifying experience like the previous titles in the Alien franchise or at least hoped for a much better tie in to the earlier titles. But I have to say I found it rather refreshing to have a different story taking place in the same Alien universe. In fact I think compared to the numerous remakes and reboots that are being made it would be much more original and creative to have these stand alone movies in already established and well know universes. The possibilities are almost infinite. In the Marvel Comics this has been done for a a long time already and is proof how awesome it can be.

In my opinion Prometheus is a good film. Is it an exceptional masterpiece like the original was? No, for that it lacked some important elements. The way the film was cut and edited it looked like that some scenes are left out or shortened that possibly would have deepened the experience. Also the character development of Elizabeth Shaw was severely lacking. I did not even realize she was the main character until certain events came into play. The story is kept simple but manages to touch some interesting subjects that I would like to have seen explored some more. The Engineers being Gods? Robots capable of emotions? The quest for immortality! Too much is skipped on and replaced with thrills and action much in the same vein as the original Alien movies only now with other creatures. To be fair I did like the action so no real harm done in the grand scheme of things. Overall Prometheus is a good sci fi movie where one has to lower their expectations and accept it's a not a direct prequel. It should be judged as a stand alone movie. Once you get into that mind set it will reward you especially at the end.

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Unknown said...

Awesome review. I’m excited to know that Ridley Scott is back in the science fiction game. When it comes to talent on his level, I don’t really care if the film has anything to do with Aliens at all. Ridley is so good at putting the audience in the environment he’s created that I get engrossed by the specific movie I’m watching. Although I have not seen Prometheus yet, he’s directed some of my favorites over the years, and after speaking with some coworkers of mine from DISH, who’ve already seen Prometheus, I’m ready to check it out. When I get excited about a movie, I’ve been known to run out and buy it, but that gets expensive, so I’m more picky. I like the peace of mind I feel when I save money by renting first, so I’m adding Prometheus to my Blockbuster @Home queue, and then if it meets my expectations, I’ll buy the Blu-ray and add it to my collection. Then again, it’s Ridley Scott, so I’m sure I’ll be the proud owner of Prometheus soon.

chrichtonsworld.com said...

I also think is on his game when it comes to sci fi.And some of the drawbacks I mentioned could be because rumours go it was planned for Prometheus to be a Trilogy. http://bloody-disgusting.com/news/3225329/prometheus-2-in-space-no-one-can-hear-ridley-scott-and-fox-scream-at-damon-lindelof/




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