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Review Return to Horror High (1987): From start to finish a blast to watch!

genre: horror, slasher, mystery, comedy

To make it absolutely clear so that there is no confusion I absolutely loved this movie and I will tell you why that is.

In Short:

Return to Horror High plays around with the convention and rules established in the horror genre. And did it long before Cabin in the Woods and Scream. Yet this piece of gem gets bashed. Now I certainly will be the first to agree that this film is far from perfect in fact very much flawed and on occasion confusing. Especially since there might be a twist ending too many. Still, I found myself entertained and intrigued by the whole concept. A lot of criticism seems to be about the structure of the film. The film within a film apparently is too much for some viewers. (But if Christopher Nolan does it in Inception then suddenly it is brilliant. Go Figure!) Ok. There might be some arguments to support the fact that it's not clear all the time when a scene is real or when it is part of the film (film in film). (Even when there are enough clues in these scenes to give it away, like using the same actress wearing wigs or playing different characters). But that is the whole point. It leaves you guessing. Throughout the movie the viewer is thrown several gimmicks, red herrings, twist and turns that will make your head spin. Anyone displayed on the screen could be the killer. So it actually becomes fun to figure out who it is. Some twists do require to put logic aside. It is asked of you to accept certain events and developments as they are and not think about them too long. But there is one thing that is absolutely needed in order to enjoy Return of Horror High. You need to pay attention! When you do most of the structure and plot will be much easier to follow. And then it is just a matter of sitting back and enjoy the craziness.

It's a real mystery to me why Return to Horror High is so highly disregarded and so underrated. Especially since from start to finish this is a blast to watch. Not taking itself seriously, playing around with the horror convention and George Clooney are just a few of the good things that this film has to offer. So don't believe the bad IMDB rating or mostly negative reviews. One to watch!

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