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Review Seven Murders for Scotland Yard (1971): This title might not impress much but it is not the worst in the genre!

genre: giallo

A wannabe Jack The Ripper murders prostitutes and removes their organs (off screen) like Jack did.Soon Pedro (Paul Naschy) becomes the number one suspect. And he does what he can to find the real culprit. Although it's not entirely sure that Pedro is innocent. With not so many suspects it is quite easy to deduct very early on who the killer is. But the director manages to make the viewer doubt many times by using simple but very clever red herrings. Which maintains some level of tension. The murders themselves are quick and only a little bloody. Not really that imaginative or creative. Brings me to the biggest flaw. This Spanish Giallo lacks the one thing that makes Italian Giallo stand out. Style. None of that to be found here. A little creative use of the camera or colour would have made the difference. But it looked like the producers could not be bothered. Same can be said about the acting. While not horrible it lacked conviction in some key scenes.


Like when they open a hat case and they find a woman's head in it. Not only was this scene poorly shot since I barely could make out it was a head. But the reaction of the actors was like they just saw something insignificant or it was something they were used to seeing daily.


It's not enough to say it's gruesome or horrific. You have to show it as well. Still Seven Murders does manage to evoke some sympathy through the actresses. Since they mostly are attractive and kind. You don't want them to see them get hurt. Overall this title might not impress much but it is not the worst in the genre.


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