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Review Anguish a.k.a. Angustia (1987): One of the best horror movies from the Eighties you never heard of.

genre: horror

Anguish is without a doubt one of the best horror movies from the eighties you never heard of. Everything you possibly want from a horror movie is in this. It's creepy, gory, has a huge body count, it's psychological, has some supernatural elements and above all it is very creative. I have thought long and hard about explaining the creative part. And that is impossible without spoiling the viewing experience. So I won't. But let me just say that it uses a concept and raises the tension and thrills significantly. The acting is quite good. But the one who really impressed me was Talia Paul who plays a character named Patty. At one point she gets influenced by an event and gets so scared. Which might seem a bit over the top at first. I even admired the patience of her friend Linda (Clara Pastor) regarding this. Considering the context though it is very understandable why she would feel like that. Which makes you care for her. The fact that more characters are affected like her only adds to the tension and the creepiness. Most critical viewers might have slight problems with Patty not leaving while she could. In the movie an explanation is given. Is it a sufficient one? Well, since she is pivotal I would have to say yes. Anguish is one of those movies where it is rewarding to know little about it. It makes excellent use of the setting, atmosphere and the characters. Definitely a title I can recommend!  

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