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Art of Videogames

A Youtube video caught my attention which was about the first ever exhibition of video games as an artistic medium at the Smithsonian. From what I read it still doesn't touch on essential or convincing elements of why it could be considered that way although it is a step in the right direction.

Here is the link:

I won't give definitions of what might be considered art or not. Since there are already a large number of articles who are discussing that. However I do want to respond to how video games as a medium is viewed upon.

For some video games is a medium that is insignificant somehow or it is the opposite and the devil's work. A lot is claimed about video games mostly by people who haven't played games themselves. And if they have it usually is one game or one type of game. In short, very little knowledge on the topic to make any claims. Yet you hear them all the time and spread it around like it is gospel. One of the most essential elements of video games is the experience you get from them while playing or after having played them. Depending who you are this is different for each individual. For me personally some video games have provided a much more intense and gripping experience than a movie ever could. Still it hasn't changed my love for movies in any way. It only has enhanced my appreciation for the different media that exist. Because some movies and books have touched me as video games never could. Each medium as it's flaws and strengths. That is why I am surprised to see why people dislike or even despise certain media. Isn't it possible to appreciate them equally? Sure people have their favorites since it does appeal to their imagination differently. But to have such strong and powerful negative feelings about something that they have barely knowledge of astonishes me.Granted people like this are in the minority.

There is a large group of people that till this date see video games as toys you play with and toss them away when you are done with it. Fun as long as it lasts. And yes, for some video games it is like that. But they are completely overlooking or ignoring games with substance, the ones that are all about the story whether it is told in a cinematic way or through game play. On occasion it does happen that a game comes by that not only provides fun but also touches you and makes you think to an extent that the experience stays with you forever. That is why I personally am having trouble with people who disregard or dislike video games as an artistic medium while it is just as good or bad as the other more conventional and established ones. I hope this exhibition will lead to more insight and appreciation on this topic.


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