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Review Ra.One (2011): A lot of glass breaking...

genre: action, superhero, science fiction, drama

It seems to me that most people took this movie far too serious. Sure there are some dramatic scenes only they are underplayed for Bollywood standards. The thing is that the humour itself is silly but not clever. Before you know it you forget what the joke was. And with literally glass breaking in almost every scene you won't even get the chance to focus on anything but the glass breaking. I mean fake or CGI glass at a certain point I did ask myself if it was really necessary for those effects. Speaking of the special and CGI effects. They were good but a bit on the repetitive side. I also did not see something original in that department. Take Enthiran starring Rajinikanth (who has one of the most meaningless cameos ever) for example. At least in that they used the special effects in a way that was relatively new and exciting to see. The biggest flaw of Ra.One was that it never actually convinces as a super hero movie. It had more in common with Terminator 2 which they were probably aiming for. Even if that was the case then you would expect some fierce battle between the villain and the hero. And that was underwhelming to say the least. Still with all it's flaws I could not help but be entertained by this movie. Sure I expected more. But I don't regret having watched this movie. This really is a movie where your mind has to suspend disbelief and go with the flow. 

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