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Review Jason X (2001)

genre: horror, slasher

Critics and fans weren't all too happy with this tenth part in the Friday the 13th series. And to an extent very understandable. This is not good by any means. Jason Voorhees in space? What were they thinking? And I could repeat all the negative aspects of what other reviewers might have said concerning this sequel. Only I will refrain myself from doing so. Because, set aside the ridiculous plot, bad acting and cheesiness, Jason X is incredible hilarious and simply good fun. I was entertained throughout. Especially the scenes featuring a female robot called Kay-Em 14 (Lisa Ryder who you might know from Sci Fi series Andromeda). Even Jason was scratching his head. Ok. So it does require from you to shut your brain of. Is that such a bad thing? It's not like the previous sequels were cinematic and price winning  masterpieces. Jason X know it's camp and proud of it. Pure popcorn entertainment!    

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