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Review Dreamfall: The Longest Journey (XBOX)

genre: adventure, action
year: 2006

Dreamfall is essentially an adventure game like its predecessor. Only for some reason not the usual point and click system we are used to. So it does take a while to learn the controls. For some reason the game designers found it necessary to implement combat. I have no problems with innovations in an old genre like this. But the combat was to say the least very annoying and didn't serve any purpose other than to offer some variation in game play. Compared to the original there are lesser and much easier puzzles. That doesn't mean that there weren't puzzles that were frustrating. But overall the puzzles provided the extra tension to engage you in the story. From the introduction the player is motivated to sit through this story as it offers quite an exciting (but extremely flawed and confusing) story. However Dreamfall:The Longest Journey has one of the most disappointing endings ever. And with that I mean that there is no resolve. It is one depressing sequence after another. The cliffhanger ending(s) has no rewarding element whatsoever. This would not have bothered me much if the story itself would have made more sense and offered at least something positive. Because with this particular ending you are left completely in the dark and a feeling that all you have done in the game has been for nothing. No to mention the fact that you don't find out what happened to the majority of the characters you have encountered. The promised sequel still hasn't been made and ruins the enjoyable experience I had with this game even more. If on can overlook this mess of an ending there are enough strong elements to play the game. But for a much more rewarding experience I would recommend the original Longest Journey.

Edit 15-09-2016
A follow up has finally been made and is called Dreamfall Chapters. It's an episodic adventure like the Telltale adventures and are available on Steam, GOG and the Humble Store. But for more info go to the Red Thread Games site. It is said that this game also will be released on PS4 but so far it has not been released yet.

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