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Review Cowboys & Aliens (2011)

genre: action, adventure, western, science fiction

It is very surprising to see that people are so hateful against this movie. I mean if the title wasn't a clue enough for not taking this movie too seriously then I don't know what will. Now I must admit that the director does his best to make it as serious as possible. Which I believe he did to give the characters some depth. And I think he managed that quite well. Because we do see different sides to some of the characters in the movie. OK, the story could have been much better. Since the focus was on the action I don't think that would have mattered much. What about the action then? It is good. Daniel Craig is super bad ass and extremely believable in the action scenes even more than in his Bond movies. Spectacle wise it isn't as huge as one might expect. Although I think keeping it limited like that does work for the movie. Cowboys and Aliens is an old school approach using the simple but still very much effective good versus evil plot. When events start you are right in the middle of the adventure. Overall I found this to be one of the most entertaining movies of this year.


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